About us

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Ever since my children Lily and Olly were very small, they have always shown an interest in cooking, baking and food. In the footsteps of Annabel Karmel, I firmly believe that teaching children how to be adventurous and creative with food at an early age will instill a great relationship with food that will hopefully develop as they grow.


Whilst the culinary creations are being cooked we will taste and play food related games.  Mini masterchefs will provide all of the equipment so all you need to bring is you and your child. Towards the end of each class we will encourage the children to sit down together and try the food they have made.  They are more than welcome to take home any leftovers to proudly share with the rest of the family.

Whilst it is our aim to promote savoury dishes from around the world, we also recognise that the children also get great pleasure from making something sweet, so we may also have fun with baking.

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More recently I was looking for a pre-school cooking club for Olly that would be engaging, educational and would be an activity that we looked forward to doing together.  Having struggled to find such a class in Berkshire, I decided to set up my own company.

Basic cooking skills can be taught at an early age alongside other pre-school building blocks such as numbers and colours.  Throughout the classes, we reinforce these foundations through recognising the different fruit and vegetable colours as well as counting and measuring.  We also talk about how things are grown and where they come from.

The classes are for you and your child to enjoy together, but I do believe that independence should be encouraged.  Every child will have their own utensils, apron and food to prepare with you. (I am happy for them to be messy as it is all part of the experience!)

We select recipes according to the ages of the children attending.  Our recipes change regularly to cater for the children that attend more than one class to get a wider variety of experience.       - Jenn  x