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Recipe of the week

     Marvellous Mince Pies












What to do:


Step 1

Mix together the flour and the butter with your hand so it looks like sand. Next add the water and squeeze together until you have a ball of dough.


Step 2

Tip your ball of dough onto a lightly floured mat and then roll out the pastry until it is nice and thin (about the same thickness of a pound coin). Cut out your circles and push them into the cases.


Step 3

Spoon your filling into the pastry cases, about 1 teaspoon is enough. Don’t overfill them. With the rest of the dough cut out some smaller shapes and place on top to cover your filling.



Step 4

Put in a pre-heated oven, 180’C fan, 200’C for approximately 15-20 minutes.



Top tip – these are delicious served with fresh apple, milk and a perfect treat to make for Santa Clause


Merry Christmas to everyone.




What will you need (makes about 6 small pies)


•38g butter

•75g plain flour

•15g sugar (optional)

•1-2 tablespoons of water

•6 teaspoons of mincemeat or your own favourite filling.

mince pies